Imagination is the beginning of creation!

We Are A Full Service Advertising Agency

Our Approach

Project Inception and Exploration

During this stage, we conduct extensive research and exploration to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s objectives and requirements. This enables us to develop a solid plan that aligns with our clients’ goals.

Project Execution

Here, we put our plan into action, using our expertise and state-of-the-art tools to ensure timely and efficient delivery of the project’s objectives.

Project Coordination and Management

We ensure that all necessary resources are allocated optimally to achieve the project’s objectives. This includes assigning tasks, managing timelines, and coordinating all project-related activities.

A Trusted Partner

Our Partners

Our services are backed by innovative and recognised industrial leaders.


Our Services For Clients

Creative Strategy and Art Direction Brand Strategy

Media Buying and Monitoring

Digital Advertising Design

Communication Strategy

Event Design and Production

Print Design and Production

Packaging and Design

Web Design and Management

Television and Radio Ads Production 

Social Media Management

Photography Services


Projects We Have Done

-We transform your ideas into reality with our creative skills-

Your Best Marketing Agency

Full Service Digital Advertising Agency since 2012

Team Work

Committed and creative

Monitoring and Evaluation

We continuously monitor the project’s progress, ensuring that we are on track to achieve the objectives within the agreed timeline and budget


Where all creativity originates!

Who We Are

OneLife Communications and Events Company was founded in 2012, it is a local business rooted in the Zambian space but plugged into international partnerships to meet and support the communications needs of different sector organizations and corporate clients…

Our Vision

To be the most valued business partner to all our clients

Our Values

Incite passion, Curiosity, Explore, Experiment and BOLDNESS

Our Mission

We are here to spread BOLD ideas that transform how businesses do marketing

Latest News and upcoming events

CHECK OUT SOME OF upcoming events

OneLife Communications & Events in Partnership with DSG Media hosted the first ever International Poultry Expo at the Martin Richenhagen Future Farms in Chongwe.
The event was on 28-April-2023.